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The 5-Well Royalty Owner Reports are prepared every Friday. Orders need to be in by Thursday end of day for Friday preparation.
Please contact us if you need the reports sooner.

5-Well Royalty Owner Report $500

Great report for Mineral/Royalty Owners!
View Sample 5-Well Royalty Owner Report

  • Select 1-5 Wells in a single county
  • County and Township Well Summary
  • Well Report Summary
  • Close up map by well status
  • County map by well status
  • County map by formation
  • County map by operator
  • Historic production plot and forecast of future production
  • Comments about potential future development

Database Subscriptions

Submit a request here regarding subscriptions to their Appalachian Basin Horizontal Well Database. Updates to the database are provided monthly. The subscription includes 12 monthly updates, an excel summary of all well basic well parameters, kmz mapping files, and individual production decline curves.

  • Complete Dataset with monthly updates (includes Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia; Marcellus, Burkett, and Utica) This service allows for database usage, updates, and access to our database support team for your entire organization.
  • Custom Datasets with monthly updates available by state or formation. Smaller datasets are available (county, operator, formation), please call for pricing.
  • One-time Custom Reports by county, state, or formation
  • Subscription Pricing:
    • 1 yr subscription (PA, OH, WV) 24,000 wells $5,500
    • 1 yr subscription for 1 state $2,500
    • Aries Access database available on subscription basis – $1,100 additional to $5,500 subscription

Service Company Report $500/month

View Sample Service Company Report

  • Permit Count by State includes the approved (issued) permits based on various state public data sources (ODNR / PADEP / WVDEP).
  • Permitted Well Breakouts for Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
  • Monthly Rig Count Summary by State
  • Permitting Summary by State includes approved (issued) permits by month based on various state public data sources (ODNR/PADEP/WVDEP).
  • Permit Summary By Operator and by County for Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
  • Permit Summary by Reservoir
  • Basin Reservoir Summary with Producing Burkett, Marcellus, and Utica Wells
  • Product Pricing Summary with the monthly last-day settle prices based on various public data sources (ERGON/DIRECT ENERGY/ICE).
  • Appalachian Basin Horizontal Well Database Summary with the total wells by state by well development status.
  • Mapping KMZ Files are available for an additional fee.
  • Custom Reports Available (Contact JKPC for pricing)
View Sample JKPC Service Company Report

Click on the above link for any data requests or questions about the above services.